Tooning Japanese


Season 3: Episode 23 - Hand, Foot, and Mouth

June 15, 2018

Welcome to Tooning Japanese, a podcast where three dudes in their 30s talk about Japanese anime!

This week you get two for the price of one! Andy reviews Episode 24 of Gurren Lagann, "I Will Never Forget This Minute, This Second," and Bill reviews Episode 25, "I Accept Your Last Wish!" One of the three hosts really, really likes these two episodes. Can you guess which one? Follow Simon and company as they take the fight straight to the Anti-Spiral!

Did you listen to last week's interview with Dorothy Fahn, voice of Meryl Stryfe from Trigun? No? Go download the episode now!

Watch Gurren Lagann on Netflix (dub/sub) & Hulu (sub).

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