Tooning Japanese


Bonus Season 2: Episode 7 - I Think He Dead

March 29, 2019

Welcome to Tooning Japanese, a podcast where three dudes in their 30s talk about Japanese anime!

The moment we've been dreading has arrived. We've reached the end of Bonus Season 2. Bill and Andy recap the finale of the Record of Lodoss War OVA, and the feelings are bittersweet. Even though they're sad it's over, they had a great time rewatching the show and dissecting all of its Dungeons & Dragons goodness! Join us to find out what happens to Deedlit, Parn, Ashram, and Wagnard. Will Parn profess his love for Kashue? Will the dragon fight actually be cool? Will Wagnard t-bag all of Lodoss? Listen and find out!

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